EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, Saskatchewan Book Awards                  posted July 29, 2019

Established in 1993, the Saskatchewan Book Awards (SBA) recognizes, celebrates and rewards the excellence of authors and publishers, building greater awareness and appreciation of Saskatchewan books, and increasing reader engagement.

The SBA is a registered non-profit corporation with a volunteer board of directors and one staff member. The Executive Director, under the authority of the Board of Directors (the Board), and in collaboration with its committees, is responsible for leading processes and actions that support the SBA’s strategic plan, and for the effective operation of SBA’s programs and projects.

The Board is seeking a detail-oriented, self-directed individual with leadership qualities, strong communication and administrative skills, and event planning/coordination experience to fill the position of Executive Director. Typically, the competencies for this position would be obtained through a post-secondary degree or certificate and related work experience.

Salary range: $33,000 to $36,000 Annually (negotiable depending on education and experience)

Hours of work: Office - 35 hours/week (average)

Closing Date: Wednesday, August 21, 2019 at 12 pm (noon)

Applications: Please submit applications electronically to the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Executive Director Duties and Responsibilities

Generally, the role of the Executive Director is to work collaboratively with the Board and its Committees to fulfill the organization’s mission.  The Executive Director makes recommendations to the Board, is accountable to the Board and reports to the Chair of the Board.  

The Executive Director is primarily responsible for the day-to-day administrative duties that support the coordination and delivery of SBA’s events, programs and services. Following is a general description of the Executive Director’s responsibilities and key activities:

  • General office administrative duties pertaining to SBA’s operations including: responding to electronic and paper inquiries and correspondence; keeping records and files; initiating bill payments and invoices; writing and filing reports, etc.
  • Preparation of board documents, attendance at board and committee meetings, and provision of advice to the Board on the direction of the organization and matters including financial priorities.
  • Management of the Book Awards Program, including all aspects of the pre-production (i.e., call for submissions, jury selections and adjudication process, shortlist announcement, etc.), and post-production elements pertaining to the awards program.
  • Management and coordination of the annual Book Awards Ceremony (pre and post-production).
  • Management and coordination of SBA’s literary events with community partners.
  • Engagement with community partners, stakeholders and sponsors to support Saskatchewan’s literary and publishing community.
  • Promotion of the SBA’s programs, events and projects through multimedia platforms (Web, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) and community outreach.
  • Financial planning and management of organization’s fiscal operations within the Board approved budget.
  • Preparation of funding proposals and reports.
  • Other assigned duties relating to the general functioning and administration of the organization.

Successful Candidate Qualifications:

 The SBA is looking for a multi-talented candidate with interest in the writing and publishing community and with the following qualifications and skills:

  • Degree in English, Communications, or Journalism or certificate in public or business administration, or comparable field with 1 or more years of non-profit/charitable management experience.
  • Event management/coordination experience.
  • Excellent oral communication skills.
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills.
  • Experience working with a volunteer board and committees.
  • Sound knowledge of office administration procedures and general office duties (i.e., responding to inquiries, preparing correspondence, collecting/posting mail, processing bill payments).
  • Positive customer service attitude, efficient time management skills, and clear problem-solving abilities.
  • Skilled in various computer software programs, such as Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, videoconference equipment, webinar tools and various databases.
  • Exemplary writing and production skills (i.e., media releases, reports, newsletters, website announcements, program booklets, posters, etc.).
  • Demonstrated skills in using social media (i.e., Web, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook).
  • Knowledge/experience in budget planning and financial accountability.
  • Knowledge/experience in fundraising initiatives (sponsorships, grant proposal writing, donor requests).

Applications: Please submit applications electronically to the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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